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Issue no. 5 of 22.03.19 with:

  • • Discontinuation of the FTC110
  • • Presentation of the FTC130
  • • Compatibility between the FTC130 and FTC110 transmitterse

Discontinuation of the FTC110

We hereby inform you of the discontinuation of the FTC110 transmitter with immediate effect. The follow-up model to this is the FTC130 transmitter which was presented at the Achema 2018.

Presentation of the FTC130


The small transmitter FTC130 for extractive measurements operates according to the heat conductivity principle.

It has IP65 rating and is recommended for the precise, fast and sensitive measuring of (quasi) binary gas mixtures if an on-site display of the measurements is not required.

The gas duct is made out of stainless steel and pressure resistant up to 20 bar. The linearisations of up to 16 gas mixtures are stored in the device which enables easy adaptation to changing measuring requirements.

Variants offering protection against condensation, dust and corrosion enable the use of the analyser in harsh processes conditions.

The adjustment on the device can be initiated by protected buttons.

Convenient parametrisation, visualisation and adjustment enabled by a PC Setup 2.0. Two potential-free 4-20mA outputs as well as a RS232/485 interface enable the reading of measurements and remote control of devices.

Compatibility between the FTC130 and FTC110 transmitters

The configuration of the electrical connection had to be changed as a result of improved and expanded functions. The external dimensions and position of the gas connections have also changed slightly. This must be taken into consideration particularly when buying a replacement for the FTC110.

Upon request, we are able to send a scale drawing with footprint of the FTC130 as well as a summary of the electrical connections.

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