Messkonzept GmbH specializes in the development, production and marketing of compact, high-precision and reasonably priced thermal conductivity detectors (TCDs) and analyzers. We are convinced that we offer very powerful, reliable and yet reasonably priced measuring instruments. The modular setup of the devices is our advantage when developing flexible solutions for special costumer requirements.

Over the years we have successfully provided solutions for many different measuring tasks. Our experienced staff has detailed knowledge of numerous applications and can promptly react even to tricky customer requests. When a yet unknown application is requested, we are usually able to replicate the measuring task in our well-equipped application laboratory and work out a solution. Our services include feasibility studies, selection of analytical techniques and instruments, customized development of instruments, sample preparation, guidance on how to integrate TCDs into the entire setup in order to optimize measuring properties, trial measurements in our laboratory and field trials as well as the documentation of the results.

For many specific applications we have already been able to work out a solution in our excellently equipped laboratory:

  • Sensor protection from corrosive or humid gases and, respectively, dust
  • Cross-sensitivity compensation for non-binary gas mixtures, e.g. measurement of helium in air with heavily fluctuating humidity
  • Disturbance variable compensation, e.g. for sample gas under vacuum conditions
  • Models for sample gas flows from a few l/h to 200l/h without bypass
  • Analysis of multi-component gas mixtures from combustion processes by using stoichiometric relations

Our devices are low-maintenance and can easily be calibrated by the user. Of course, Messkonzept also offers recalibration and operational tests as part of our service.

When developing one of our focal points is easy handling. We are certain that you will be able to work out most of the questions regarding the handling of our devices by referring to our detailed documentation. Should you, however, find that you need further assistance we will be more than happy to answer your questions. Furthermore, we are happy to receive feedback with the aim to improving our documentation.


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