Precise, Flexible and Comfortable Gas Analyzer Based on Thermal Conductivity.
  • Precise and flexible gas analysis with long-term stability due to thermal conductivity measurement.
  • High sensitivity e.g. 0-0.5% H2 in N2 with low noise (smaller than 10ppm).
  • Precise linearization for binary gas mixtures, such as H2, He, O2, CO2, CH4 in N2 or Ar on board. Additional gas couples may be added according to customer requirement.
  • Potential-free 4-20mA output and relays, configurable through RS232. Compact (145mmx80mmx85mm) housing in protection class IP65.
  • Pressure proof (20bar) and vacuum leak tight stainless steel (LF316i) gas duct. Power supply: 18V-36V DC (<700mA).
  • Easy-to-use menu for calibration and parameterization.